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Birthdate:Dec 8
Name: Eleanor Camacho

Known Alias: Reboot

Physical Description: Eleanor's physical description changes whenever she sustains enough damage to "die". However, as the daughter of Carmela Camacho and the insane mercenary Deadpool, aka Wade Wilson, she is always of Hispanic descent. While she is actually half-hispanic, it seems that the Hispanic genes are always more dominant. One thing always remains the same - her height. She is always about 5'6" or 7". While the exterior may change dramatically, the bone structure stays the same.

Age: Each of her personalities believes itself to be 25, which is the age she was when she first "died" in a pit in North Korea. That is her mental age, although her physical one is technically older. Interestingly, while she "ages" when in her alternate forms/personalities, her mental age is always consistent with the mental age of her original personality. Only maturation there seems to count. This has lead some of the Weapon X and SHIELD scientists that have run psychiatric evals on her to speculate that no matter how "real" her other personalities that go along with her other faces may seem, her original personality is the "core operating system", or the base from which the other personalities build. It is both her limitation and her strength, because that means that the core personality alone has access to the others when it is dominant. But the other personalities are forever limited by the maturity experience of the original...even when they don't remember that experience.

DOB: 1979

PB: Aimee Garcia, at present. This is her first and primary face, but I will add more PBs as she regenerates into the new people during play.

Character Location/Home: NYC

Alignment: Hero, generally. Her assassin persona may blur the lines.

Relatives: Her father is the infamous mercenary Deadpool, although she does not know it.

Abilities: Regeneration, from her father's altered DNA side. The regeneration leads to peak physical strength, speed, and stamina in addition to immunity to toxins, disease, and the like. However, her regeneration comes with an odd twist. It is slower than Deadpool's, and she can take lethal damage (head shot, heart shot, too much lost blood for the system to handle, etc). When that happens, her body shuts down for several minutes, then radically morphs into an entirely different person. Her psyche fractures to allow this new person to have a brand new personality, if it did not exist before. All each new personality remembers is her name, which is always Eleanor Camacho. During the initial few days and weeks of the new Eleanor's existence, she learns at a phenomenally fast rate. Those who have studied her liken it to how fast babies and small children process new information. Over time, she has developed several distinct personalities that are strong enough to be schizophrenic "voices" in her head when they are not the one in charge of the body. While she does not have the entire skill set of the personality not in charge at the moment, she can be coached on how to, say, pick a lock by the voice that knows how to do that.

The personalities are as follows:

The Original: This is her original personality that she had when she first died in a pit in North Korea. After many years, this is the one that is most likely to surface when she dies as any of the others. She has no special combat skills to speak of, but she is a very outgoing people person that can at least manage her paying the bills, taxes, etc. Since her mother's death in the same North Korea pit she crawled out of, she has had no family to speak of or rely on. When in this personality, she works whatever administrative assistant temp jobs she can get. Her portfolio is pretty good, but when she knows that she may have to switch lives (by choice or not) at any given moment...well, it becomes hard to hold down a steady j-o-b. What is special about this personality, however, is that it is the one the others can talk to when they are submerged. She is also training to become a spy for SHIELD. Because she can draw on the knowledge of her other personalities and can, in a pinch, change her looks entirely, she has quite the aptitude for it.

The Nightstalker: When she first crawled out of the pit as a brand new person with no memories and wandered across North Korea, trying to find any escape or anything that made sense, she ran into a band of Nightstalkers hunting a pack of vampires. Taking pity on her, they took her in to at least get her out of the country. However, they found that she learned the skills of their hunting with startling speed, so they kept her on when their mission was done. This Eleanor knows her way around the weapons, skills, and knowledge associated with hunting the supernatural.

The Mercenary: This is one of two personality types created by a splinter Weapon X cell that found and abducted her. She is murderous and bloodthirsty, and is proficient in quite a few heavy arms and blades. Her services go out to the highest bidder, and she is a feared name in that community. It is rumored that the Taskmaster himself had a hand in training her.

The Assassin: This is the second personality type created by the splinter Weapon X cell that found and abducted her. She is an expert in infiltration skills and technology. Her favored weapons are daggers, silenced pistols, and the sniper rifle. This personality is as cold as the mercenary is passionate.

Etc: Regeneration into a new person is a roll of the dice. While the above personalities are the most prominent and vocal, they are by no means the ONLY ones. There could be personalities in her that she doesn't know about. They could be from shorter lives with far less experience. As such, they have no real bearing on her skill set or abilities, but their whispers make her slightly crazy sometimes.

Weaknesses and Flaws: Eleanor has no control over which personalty will surface, so she can't flip a switch and be exactly who she needs to be. It also requires death, and that is quite traumatic. Due to the fractured psyche and the voices in her head, she is more than a little crazy, sometimes. Her behavior might become more erratic if the voices in her head are disagreeing over the current course of action. With regards to combat, it really doesn't help that her primary body/personality is not the badass one.


In the late 70s, Deadpool had a fling with a woman named Carmela Camacho. Unbeknownst to him, he actually got her pregnant from their one-night stand. For years, he had no idea that he had a daughter until, during the events of The Good, the Bad, and The Ugly, he learned of her existence and, later, found her mother dead in a pit in North Korea. He never found Eleanor in the same pit, but it was assumed that she was dead. Wolverine could not locate her via scent or tracking.

Eleanor's strange absence from the Weapon X North Korea compound was due to the late-onset activation of her regenerative mutation passed down to her from her father's altered DNA. The first regeneration had taken hours to occur, and even then her body had still been "dead" when the pit was discovered. Deadpool could not recognize it because it was not the same body. After everyone had gone, she crawled out of the pit and wandered aimlessly, just trying to find help and safety.

She found that help in the form of a band of Nightstalkers working in the region to hunt down a Korean sect of vampires. While they initially intended to rescue her from the country and have that be the end, they were impressed when she quickly picked up using their weapons to help them fight the vampires. The fact that she obviously regenerated damage also intrigued them. They took her in despite her amnesia and trained her. This Eleanor went on to become a very successful Nightstalker.

During a solo op to take out a low-level vampire, Eleanor was gunned down by a small elite tactical squad. This squad was a splinter cell of the former Weapon X, and they were under orders to kill her and take her in. Her existence had been discovered - or perhaps had always been known - and they wanted to experiment on her and see what they could make of her regenerative capabilities. Upon discovering her regeneration into new people, they began to experiment with how quickly she could be trained, and why. They engineered a violent mercenary personality and an assassin one. They even figured out how to switch between the two without creating a brand new personality, although this took repeated murders of her to figure out. The original personality was subject to the horror of dying multiple times at their hands. Despite having another regenerator, these Weapon X scientists decided not to give her the adamantium skeleton. They had seen from previous experiments (Wolverine and Sabretooth, to name some of the more famous ones) that the adamantium dulled the regeneration. Hers was already slower, so they figured they should leave that alone.

Unfortunately, they murdered her one too many times, and the Nightstalker personality won out. It was not conditioned to be loyal to the program. With her combat skills, she broke out of the facility and ran. While she managed to kill enough of them and get far enough away, she did sustain lethal damage and collapsed in the Maine wilderness. When she awoke, she was the original Eleanor again...but with a twist. Due to so many deaths in so short a time, the fractured personalities in her mind now touched, and could talk to one another and her, at least in THIS original personality. It drove her nearly mad at first, especially because she had absolutely no idea what was going on. This was the first she knew of regeneration, the other lives, or anything. Thinking herself insane, she almost broke down and gave up. But she didn't. She toughed it out, and hitch hiked her way down the coast to Miami, deciding to start anew there. One fortunate boon she found out upon actually listening to one of her voices when she arrived - she had several bank accounts with money from various jobs she'd done in those previous lives. It was evidence that she might not be crazy...but she certainly didn't feel sane.

...Not even when she received a call from SHIELD about coming to work for them as a spy operative. Perhaps especially not then. But, for a girl out on her own surviving from temp job to temp job, the paycheck SHIELD offered was more than enough to persuade her to dive once again into the insanity of her life(s). Even if they did give her the lame codename of "Reboot".
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